Featured Case Study

See how Kent State University used Visual Schedule Builder to streamline their processes.

Case Study Outline:
Kent State University implemented Visual Schedule Builder in mid-2016 to streamline the student schedule planning and registration process. The software has been resounding success for both students and staff.

Kent State University

The Challenge:
Prior to the university acquiring VSB, students and advisors had to sit down with a home-made spreadsheet to work out how to fit their required and desired courses together. Course times and locations had to be manually cross-referenced and checked for clashes. Once students and advisors had come up with a timetable that worked, students registered for classes online and often it was a race against clock, given that in-demand classes could fill up by the time students had mapped out their schedule.

The VSB Solution:
Once implemented, the VSB website saw higher levels of traffic than expected and students have praised its visually appealing, color-coded interface. By making the scheduling process simpler and more intuitive, VSB has freed up time for advisors to focus on other parts of their crucial role.

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