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VSB is inspired by the challenge of providing services that surpass anything else available to our clients. Registrar Karen McCredie of Capilano University offered her experience as a case study explaining how VSB brought registration back to the leading edge, to a great response from Capilano’s student body.

Case Study Outline: VSB is committed to giving each institution the best scheduling and registration tools on the market, both for students and staff. The registrar at Capilano University offered her insight and experience to create a case study explaining how VSB brought their registration back to leading edge, garnering a dramatically positive response from the student body. Institution:
Capilano University

The Challenge:
To bring Capilano’s dated registration system back to leading edge, with clear benefits for both students and staff.

The VSB Solution:
Registrar Karen McCredie saw in VSB the solution she was looking for across the board, and then some – a single system that benefitted students and staff, and facilitated a seamless transition from the old system. More than 90% of Capilano students adopted VSB in the first registration period it was available, proving Karen right!

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